Hayley’s music is the perfect balance of story driven folk and broad strokes pop.
— Kyle Devine, Firstcom Producer
Hayley was charismatic, professional and totally enchanting onstage. She helped us achieve our goal of creating a truly authentic and connecting experience at our venue, and I can’t recommend her enough.
— Micah Cruver, Society Hotel
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One Sentence: Hayley Lynn's songwriting is raw, seductive, and impactful - one, that is unforgettable.  

Brief Description: Hayley Lynn's voice is one woven with sultry skill and timeless warmth. Within her lyrical imagery she tells the listener a sincere story with a lesson to be learned. Never afraid to take risks, Hayley Lynn's vulnerable and timeless performances unequivocally capture the attention and hearts of her audience. An evening with Hayley Lynn's music is a night to be remembered. 

Short Bio: Originally, Hayley Lynn studied to be an actor at the University of Victoria with a long history of writing music.  But it was writing with other Canadian songwriters in British Columbia that Hayley started to take it seriously.  She's written over 150 songs and counting, and released her first debut EP 'Hypnotize' in 2016.  Since December 2017, Hayley participated in The Acoustic Guitar Project's Portland showcase as well as starting 2018 off by being featured in both the Portland's All-Star Buskers Concert and #WomenCrush Music's first showcase.  In 2018, Hayley Lynn released her single 'You Are My Love' and her newest EP ‘The Heart’ the first of a trilogy that will be released entirely in 2020. She is in the process of  recording the second EP in the trilogy, 'The Hurt.’